Laboratory for the Legal, Economic, Political and Technical Translation

The Laboratory for the Legal, Economic, Political and Technical Translation (LLePoTeL or ENOPOTEM in Greek) serves the research and educational needs in the specialized fields of legal, economic, political and technical translation and terminology.

The Laboratory is active in the following fields:

  1. production of new knowledge in the field of methodology of translating specialized texts, in the field of didactics and translation of specialized texts and in the field of specialized terminology.
  2. utilization of modern technologies to aid in the translation of specialized texts, focusing on the production of translation memories or other electronic tools to facilitate translation work.
  3. collaboration with research centers, academic institutions domestic or foreign, or other prestigious specialized agencies, in the spirit of mutual and collective collaboration, to implement programmes aiming to produce new knowledge, transfer and application of new know-how et al.
  4. in collaboration with other specialized agencies, production of reference translations, multilingual specialized dictionaries et al.
  5. meet educational demands at the undergraduate and postgraduate level of the Department, in the subject matters of its domain.
  6. development of model programmes for teaching specialized translation.
  7. organization of undergraduate and postgraduate seminars, symposiums, conferences, lectures, simulation tests.
  8. collaboration with international organizations, Greek and foreign public agencies, local government, and other social and scientific agencies both domestic and foreign, in matters pertaining to its domain.
  9. protection of the Greek language and disseminating Greek culture abroad, focusing on Greek scientific thought and its products, through translation.
  10. the supply of services pursuant to Presidential Decree No 159/1984.

ENOPOTEM Director: Michalis Politis, Associate Professor


ENOPOTEM, Ionian University
Asclepios Building (1st floor)
Old Psychiatric Hospital
491 00 Corfu
Tel.: +30 26610-80809