Laboratory for Language and Politics

The research undertaken in the Laboratory focuses on three axes:
a) the use of language and all forms of verbal and non-verbal communication in politics,
b) language policies which may include education policies, policies on minority languages, language homogenisation, development of special jargons etc.,
c) the diachronic study of European and non-European languages as “vehicles” of culture.
The Laboratory shall pursue the following activities:
1. Primary and secondary research
2. Publications
3. Organising scientific conferences, workshops, lectures, guest speeches, seminars
4. Participation in research projects
5. Collaboration with other scientific centres, institutes, University departments in Greece and abroad which have similar research interests
6. Presentation of research findings in public and private sector bodies both nationally and internationally
7. Undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral research carried out by the students of the Department
The laboratory is managed by a five-member Steering Committee. The Steering Committee is assisted by the Scientific Committee, composed of renowned academics and researchers in Greece and abroad who have relevant research interests.
Steering Committee:
George Michalakopoulos, Associate Professor (Head of the lab)
Sotirios Livas, Assistant Professor
Maria Tsigou, Assistant Professor
Sotirios Keramidas, Assistant Professor
Vilelmini Sosoni, Lecturer

Laboratory "Language and Politics"
Old Psychiatric Hospital
Tsirigoti Square (Asclepios Building, 1st floor)
49100 Corfu