Translation Placement (NSRF)

The DFLTI offers a translation placement scheme. Specifically, students partake in the translation placement scheme at partners registered with the “Atlas” centralized online service (as is the case with all student internships). Translation placement is a scheme financed by the NSRF and provides students with cover in matters of salary and health insurance, enabling them to acquire experience under real working conditions and to practice skills gained in their previous years at University. The translation placement takes place during the summer months of the final year of study – although there is the possibility of participating during the 3rd year if there are vacancies. This ensures that their internship does not coincide with their academic responsibilities. This year, the translation placement, as an elective, has been integrated into the programme of studies and is awarded ECTS. In the last years, the number of partners registered in the centralized online service providing student internship positions has risen exponentially. Today, there are more than 50 participating partners. It is worth noting that this increase in the number of partners (i.e. a quantitative change) is accompanied by a qualitative change in the participating partners. Focus has been placed on scientific, social, and academic partners: Summer Academy of the University of the Aegean, Panteion University, Hellenic Ornithological Society, Action Aid, Ministry of Culture and Sports, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Publishing Houses (Kritiki, Psichogios Publications), the French Institute, the Corfu Regional Court, etc. as well as, of course, translation companies and private companies. At the same time, student interest in the scheme has also risen and, as a result, the DFLTI placement scheme is the preferred choice of students among university departments where training placement is not compulsory. Participating students are selected on the basis of objective criteria. Students are thoroughly satisfied by this experience of translation placement, as are the participating partners by the quality of services provided by the students.