Text analysis and Translation – French

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The module centres around the analysis of French original texts of moderate difficulty. First students are asked to carry out a genre analysis. Then, they attempt an analysis at the level of sentence: they identify and discuss problems at the syntactic, semantic, lexical and pragmatic levels, they explain complex French syntactic and grammatical structures while special emphasis is placed on synonymy, homonymy and polysemy. Compounds, collocations, idioms and false friends in French and Greek are also studied. Finally, students are introduced to macrotextual analysis; they study elements of coherence, intentionality and intertextuality. The analysis aims at a) offering students the greatest possible understanding of all textual aspects before they embark on the translation process, b) familiarising students with the peculiarities and difficulties of the French language and c) helping them compare and match French and Greek structures when translating.

Core Bibliography: 
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