Simultaneous and Consecutive Interpreting Greek-German VII

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Intensive practical workshop in the theory and practice of simultaneous interpreting with a total of 40 class hours and additional 40-50 hours of group work, self-study and preparation. In the class framework, students become familiar with the equipment of the interpreting booth, improve their short-term working memory, are introduced to the techniques of simultaneous interpreting, sight-translation, chuchotage, learn how to use the appropriate language register, obtain automatic reactions and reflexes, use voice managing, practice conference preparation, objectivity and dealing with unexpected circumstances. Regarding group work, self-study and preparation, students are taught the way to evaluate critically the available information resources for the purposes of their research, to study in groups by using their own recorded speeches, to extract vocabulary, to manage terminology and prepare conference glossaries. When students get used to the simultaneous interpreting process, lessons obtain weekly specific focus topics (of political, technological, scientific interest). Students prepare themselves for the conference topic of each lesson, as if they were going to work as interpreters at a real conference. Teaching is organized according to original material and speeches concerning Greek, European and international current affairs.
Assessment: At the semester exam students are asked to interpret simultaneously a speech 8-10 minutes long.

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