An Introduction to International Law – General Principles

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Students are to get accustomed to general principles of international law, as well as to different aspects of international law, with emphasis to the practical, judiciary facets of law. Students learn about the history and development of international law, sources of law (international agreements, customary law, theory and jurisprudence) and ways of inclusion international law rules into state law, subjects of international law. Students also get to learn about humanitarian law, war and peace law, international development rules. As a methodological tool, students get to learn how to use debating methods and they speak about international policy problems, general as well as specific, i.e. planet overheating, child work and state responsibility, prospects for peace in the Middle East, etc. They also get accustomed to basic Latin and English terminology of international law.

Core Bibliography: 
Ρούκουνας, Ε. (1999), Διεθνές Δίκαιο Ι, Αθήνα: Σάκκουλας.